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Module 1: Introduction.


  • A comprehensive introduction to the fast-paced world of day trading, understanding its significance, and the basics to get started.

Module 2: Price Action.


  • Diving deep into the realm of price action to discern market direction and make informed decisions using raw price data

Module 3: Pattern Recognition.


  • Equip yourself with the ability to spot valuable chart patterns and analyze historical data to predict future price movements.

Module 4: Supply and Demand.


  • Understanding the pivotal role of supply and demand in the market, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage in trading decisions.

Module 5: Trading Strategies.


  • Develop a repertoire of effective trading strategies, tailored to different market conditions, ensuring consistency and profitability.

Module 6: Risk Management.


  • Learn how to effectively manage and mitigate risks in trading, utilizing tools and techniques to preserve capital and maximize returns.

Module 7: Trading Psychology.


  • Gain insights into the psychological aspects of trading, and how to cultivate a disciplined and focused mind to make better trading decisions.
"It is always exciting to watch Nanna live trade. I learn something new every time. I use her strategies to develop my own trading style, and after a session with her, I am so ready to log into my own account and place my own trades!"
Josefine Lorentzen
Josefine Lorentzen
Childcare Professional and Development Specialist.